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RoboMaster Series

Brand: STARTRC Model: NT3164
1. Material: PVC 2. Quantity: 4 colors in each of 5 colors, 20 in total 3. Obstacle training, improve operational proficiency and flexibility, and enhance competitive skills 4. Humanized hollow design, not easy to blow down, stable and practical 5. Size: 8.5x8cm, weight: 285g..
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Brand: DJI Model: CHT0324
Product description Used to match the Mech Master S1 charger, connect the charger and power supply to charge the battery. Tips The AC power cords come in different sizes to suit different regional power outlets. Packing list Charger AC line x 1..
Ex Tax:R220.00
Brand: DJI Model: CHT0323
Product description The charger for the Mech Master S1 can charge the S1 dedicated smart battery, which takes about 90 minutes to fully charge. Tips The charger does not contain an "AC power cord". Parameter Product model: E1C28 Applicable battery model: EB1-2400 mAh-10.8 V Input: 100-240 V, 50-60..
Ex Tax:R575.00
Brand: DJI Model: CHT0326
Product description 1. It is used to load crystal bombs and can hold about 430 crystal bombs. 2. The frosted translucent upper shell design makes the remaining bombs clear at a glance; 3. There are two drainage holes at the end of the magazine to facilitate the discharge of water after loading. 4. T..
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Brand: STARTRC Model: CHT0283
1. Product size: 4x2x2cm 2. Weight: 5g 3. Checklist: Holder x1 4. Applicable to DJI RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot..
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Brand: DJI Model: CHT0327
Product description 1. Anti-shock glasses, high-definition enhanced translucent lens design, can be worn at the same time with small frame myopia glasses. 2. Strong impact resistance, panoramic view, light, high light transmission. Tips It is recommended to wear it during the water-bombing competit..
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Brand: STARTRC Model: NT3160B
1. Material: ABS 2. Stretch freely, support mobile phones with a size of 130-170mm (the thickness of the mobile phone is limited to 9.2mm) 3. Both sides of the hole design, more user-friendly, you can plug in the data cable and headphones, you can charge while using 4. Product size: 14.5X11.5CM 5. W..
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Brand: STARTRC Model: NT3161
1. Material: 500g hard cardboard 2. Standing cards can give players a better design experience 3. Flexible and durable, feels smooth 4. Quantity: 44 sheets 5. Packing size: 18x3x21.5cm Packing weight: 574g..
Ex Tax:R278.00
Brand: STARTRC Model: NT3163
1. Material: PVC rubber 2. Input voltage: 5V input current: >=600mA 3. Battery: 800mAh 4. Charging: about 1.5 hours 5. Cycle life: 200 times..
Ex Tax:R367.00
Brand: STARTRC Model: HC5679B
1. Simple appearance, strong and durable 2. Handle design to reduce hand pressure 3. Multi-functional classification grid, more convenient to carry 4. Material: Oxford + polyester 5. Size: 34x27.5x6.5cm..
Ex Tax:R403.00
Brand: STARTRC Model: CHT0308
1. It does not affect the sensing block and passability 2. Performance with anti-collision performance and light weight 3. List: front bumper x1, rear bumper x1, hex wrench x1, screw x6 4. Size: 15x10x4cm 5. Weight: 359g..
Ex Tax:R297.00
Brand: STARTRC Model: SYA004920
1. The handle designed for the S1 can be connected to the mobile device running the S1 APP, thus realizing various operations through the joystick and button synchronization control Master S1.2. Non-slip grip, ergonomic smooth streamline design, textured texture, enhance hand grip comfort.3. Simple ..
Ex Tax:R478.00
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