DT55 1.3 inch Round Touch Always-on Screen Smart Watch, Support Heart Rate Monitoring / Sleep Monitoring / Pedometer / Calories, Silicone Strap(Black)

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1. 1.3 inch round touch screen
2. Always-on standby dial display
3. Dynamic UI interaction, following the rhythm, gives you a different experience
4. 24-hours heart rate monitoring guards health
5. High performance chips, faster and more stable
6. Intelligent science movement
7. Lightweight to exercise, music is often accompanied
8. All-day activity tracking, convenient life assistant
9. Scientific sleep, documenting complete sleep structure
10. Body material: zinc alloy
11. Strap material: silicone / steel belt
12. Battery capacity: 230mAh
13. Body size: 45.7x11.8mm

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