For Rolex 2813/8215/2836/3804/8200 GMT Watch Case For Rolex 2813/8215/2836/3804/8200, Colour: GMT Blue and Yellow Ceramic

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1. Case: stainless steel
2. Case thickness: 14mm
3. Case size: 40mm (without crown)
4. Mirror material: sapphire glass
5. Suitable for installing movement numbers: 2813, 8215, 2836, 3804, 8200
6. Ear width: 20mm
7. The case includes: sapphire glass, bezel, handle, i-ring, waterproof ring, inner cover (except movement and strap)
8. Warm reminder: For special parts, please read the description carefully before buying. Check the goods before signing, and once you sign for it, it will not be returned or exchanged.

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