Mi5 0.96 inch Color Screen Smart Bracelet, Support Call Reminder /Heart Rate Monitoring/Sleep Monitoring/Blood Pressure Monitoring (Purple)

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1. Screen size: 0.96inch
2. Wristband material: ABS+TPU
3. Battery capacity: 100mAh

Main Function
1. Bluetooth call, Bluetooth play music
2. Pedometer: display exercise step count, exercise more efficiently
3. Heart rate: monitor current heart rate, accurate real-time monitoring
4. Mileage: display the number of steps and mileage
5. Calories: display exercise calories
6. Power: display the current power
7. Bluetooth Smart Reminder
8. Alarm reminder: monitor the whole sleep process, wake up by alarm vibration
9. Call reminder: vibrate reminder, dona??t miss important calls
10. App message vibration reminder: When the mobile phone receives a text message. WeChat and other APP notifications, let you know important notifications in time, dona??t miss it
11. Sleep monitoring: monitor sleep quality at night
12. Raise your hand to brighten the screen

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